About This Website And Its Author

Geffrey van der Bos – self proclaimed metal-coonoisseur

This website is by me, Geffrey van der Bos. I am a product designer by trade and metal connoisseur by hobby. A metalhead since I was 12 years old.

It must have been when I heard Nightwish's their The Phantom Of The Opera. It all started from there. The heavy guitars. The fantastic lyrics.

It drew me in. Like a good book can do.

Jump forward almost 17 years. I graduated in International Communications and Marketing, have a great job in product design, and am happily married. And still a huge music aficionado. From the early prog rock to that specific, latest, 'Tampa-based' death metal record. I love it all.

Why this website?

This websites serves as a creative outlet. In sharing of, writing about, and the enjoyment of heavy metal music. The blog section serves as a study, and the main page is me recommending metal albums.

I am always on the hunt for new metal records. I scoure through Bandcamp, Spotify recommendations, local concerts, and much more for that next hit of adrenaline. This website is a direct result of that.

What are your credentials?

The instrument is know best is the bass guitar. About 10 years ago I touched an instrument last. That's pretty much my experience in being a 'musician'.

What I bring to the table is design, marketing, and a undeniable appreciation for anything music.

I am a semi-audiophile, I know music theory, and probably listen to music 12 hours a day.

How do you rate albums?

By the likelihood of me listening to the album again in the future. Naturally, that is the farthest away of any credible critique. But perhaps you share my taste. I like to believe I have a pretty broad taste in heavy music, anyway.

I can appreciate creativity, progressiveness, and well relatively well-produced metal albums. I love that, that brings something new to the table. That doesn't sound like everything else. Either through musicianship, or through the production side of it all.

Can I recommend you some?

Yes. Yes please. Contact me directly at contact@metal.fyi, or in the Discord that I specifically set-up for this site.

Enjoy the site!